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1.4.07 - 13 Photographs that Changed the World. [via] [link]


1.3.07 - For tonight's Monkeytime TV:

The best James Brown video I've seen online since his death - "Mother Popcorn," live (not lip-synced) on Music Scene, November 10, 1969. Music Scene was a short-lived ABC TV show that looks to have been pretty interesting itself.

Amazing 6-hour WFMU James Brown tribute show, from December 2001

NY Times article about transgender Pakistani TV show host Ali Saleem, whose story highlights the existence of an urbane, relatively enlightened middle class in Pakistan

Interview with Saleem from She Magazine



12.20.06 - For Monkeytime TV tonight, a couple of links to help talk to your family about the idiocy of Cheney/Bush's Iraq policy:

"Surging" to Defeat in Iraq. Good piece; scroll down for this quote from Republican Senator Gordon Smith, who said last week that keeping U.S. soldiers in harm's way for a useless strategy "may even be criminal":

“I said [criminal]. You can use any adjective you want...But I have long believed, in a military context, when you do the same thing over and over again, without a clear strategy for victory, at the expense of your young people in arms, that is dereliction. That is deeply immoral.”

And yet neocons insist we have to "surge" on. With other people's lives instead of their own as the currency, of course.

More Troops in Iraq? We've Got History on That - great article from the Columbia Journalism Review blog about the press' failure to remind America about the last surge of U.S. troops in Baghdad, just a few months ago. All it did was create a surge from the other side, which, judging from the chaos we see today, clearly won out:

But despite McCain, Lieberman and Kagan's conviction that more troops equals victory, Forward Together didn't work out so well. On October 20, the Washington Post reported that according to the Army itself, the tactic failed: "A two-month U.S.-Iraqi military operation to stem sectarian bloodshed and insurgent attacks in Baghdad has failed to reduce the violence, which has surged 22 percent in the capital in the last three weeks, much of it in areas where the military has focused its efforts ... The assessment by Army Maj. Gen. William B. Caldwell IV followed a 43 percent spike in attacks on U.S. and Iraqi forces in the capital since midsummer that has pushed U.S. military fatalities to their highest rates in more than a year." [link]


12.13.06 - For tonight's Monkeytime TV:

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition was in my neighborhood last week, making a mess and blocking streets on ridiculously short notice but also doing a great deed for a really sweet, deserving neighborhood family. A bit late but as promised last Wednesday, here are links to a couple of discussions of the way ABC's lawyers are using a "questionable interpretation" of income tax law, which may have negative implications down the line for those really sweet and deserving recipients of free homes. This is not the property tax issue, which is easily understood and planned for, and was mentioned in much local coverage, but is a different, deeper point entirely:

This is an unexplored area, but the families who have received such goodwill from Home Edition have reason to be wary. Aside from the known property tax ramifications, there remain tens of thousands of dollars of potential income tax burdens lurking in the shadows. The families' lawyers (in reality, the show's lawyers) have assured them that there is nothing to worry about; but the situation is not black and white.

More at those two links. Basically, it looks like the show's lawyers are counting on the goodwill of the IRS to not go after what seems to be a dodge, while telling journalists that everything's all in order. In none of the (frankly excessive) coverage I saw in our local daily on this story was this issue mentioned.

Other links:


11.29.06 - Links for tonight's Monkeytime TV:

Christian Science Monitor article about scrutiny of "no-knock" raids

"Drug raid informant says he was asked to lie"

Botched Paramilitary Police Raids, a map from the libertarian Cato Institute

Radley Balko at The Agitator, a critic of paramilitary police raids against civilian homes for a while now, places what went down in Atlanta in horrifying context and asks some very tough questions.

Instapundit Glenn Reynolds suggests police raids should be videotaped.

More amazing animations:

  • Mr. CityMen - five achingly beautiful, evocative shorts from Israeli university student Eric Lerner. I love Mr. Dreamer but Mr. Fortune is a catchier, friendlier introduction; they're all worth watching.
  • "Buried Treasure," a filthy, funny, adults-only short from the early 1920s



11.22.06 - Links for tonight's Monkeytime TV:

"Fallen Art," a brilliant short film from Polish animator Tomek Baginski
Baginski's previous short, the Oscar-nominated "Cathedral"

A year-by-year archive, from 1930 to the present, of every poignant, creepy, tacky, tragic, goofy, beautiful and, yes, kinda slutty cover of the magazine that started out as Astounding Stories of Super Science and became Analog, with lots of changes in between.

Ask Metafilter: How to deal with being stuck alone on Thanksgiving?

Glenn Greenwald writes Unclaimed Territory, one of the best political blogs around; he's particularly good when dissecting the stupidity and moral vacuousness of beltway media pundits

Former Clinton Labor Secretary Robert Reich wrote a few days ago on his blog about why James Carville went after Howard Dean. The Hotline blog dissected Carville's ridiculous claim of another dozen wins if only Dean had spent more money in those races. Meanwhile, Carville is silent on the "extraordinary burn rate" of Hillary Clinton's campaign, which spent an unbelievable $29.5 million on an extremely safe Senate race, much of it "for catering, flowers and photography."

I've tried the Sullivan Street Bakery's amazingly simple no-knead bread recipe (spread by Mark Bittman in the NYT the day after the election, video here) twice now, and can vouch for it wholeheartedly. Next time I'm adding dill or rosemary.



11.15.06 - Links for tonight's Monkeytime TV:

Fundamentalist public high school history teacher preaches in class, telling students "you belong in hell" if you don't believe in Jesus, then denies it, but - oops - one student recorded him

Polish high school foreign exchange student:
My half-year in hell with a fundamentalist NC family

Info about Saturday night's Leonid meteor shower

Here's Newsmax's version of the story that leading pro-war neocon Richard Perle now thinks invading Iraq was a mistake and we should have tried "other strategies" first

NCWARN, our local nuclear watchdog, has lots of information up about the recent safety violations at the Shearon Harris power plant, which it (rightly) calls "one of the most dangerous nuclear plants in America"

N&O story about the simultaneous failure of the plant's 20-year-old mechanical sirens, which, hilariously enough, didn't have battery backup, "rotate like a weather vane and require belts, pumps and grease" to operate. What is this, the 1940s?


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