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7.15.05 - Interviewed David Mills, executive director of the Common Sense Foundation, on this week's show (if you're in Raleigh and have Time Warner cable, it reruns tonight at 11pm on Channel 10). Mills was sharp and insightful as he discussed the legislative status of various bills in the state House and Senate, including lobbying reform efforts (waiting to come to a vote in the House), the lottery bill (probably dying in conference since the House and Senate versions are highly incompatible), voting reform (currently being decimated in a truly disgusting way) and the death penalty moratorium (weakened but alive and ready to come to a vote). Everyone in North Carolina should be calling state lawmakers in these critical days, as the push to kill or cripple essential bills like these intensifies. Call your state senators and representatives now. Especially you folks who complain that I don't post enough here.


7.13.05 - Anyone who wants a detailed, factual response to the oceans of spin coming out of the White House (and the right-wing amen chorus) about the Karl Rove/Valerie Plame scandal should check American Progress' latest bulletin on the subject, which is full of excellent links and sharp commentary. It's a must-read, no matter where you fall on the political spectrum.


7.6.05 - The Wikipedia page about the London terrorist bombings, constantly updated and corrected by folks like you and me, has been very useful this morning and is highly recommended, not least because it links with intelligence to multiple news sources. For-profit news sites like Fox and CNN won't do that, which makes them relatively narrow portals in cases like this. The Wiki contributors have been sorting quickly through the confusion about the incident, and while not every change suits my copy editing taste, the page remains a smart, self-correcting clearinghouse of links and info about the London attack. You could do a lot worse than Wikipedia on this one.


7.6.05 - Links for this week's show:

Ok, I didn't post any more links last week. Sue me. I did get to Wrightsville Beach, though. Amazing what mimosas and ocean waves will do to overcome a cloudy day.

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