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September 18, 2003 - Doctors, lawyers, malpractice and you

I know, it's been months since I posted to the MonkeytimeTV page. But the show's still going strong in Raleigh. Last night, the North Carolina Medical Society's CEO and the head of its liability task force argued with two folks from the NC Coalition for Patients' Rights - a medical malpractice lawyer and the mother of a young girl whose preventable injuries have horribly diminished her life. The topic was the state Senate's newly passed - and highly experimental - bill attempting to better regulate medical malpractice insurance - without setting a $250,000 cap on non-economic jury damages. The creative compromise gets an A for effort from some NC editors, but the bill is not terribly pleasing to either side of the debate last night.

By the way, that sound you hear is the shuffle of lobbyists scurrying from their favorite local Senators over to their favorite local House members, who'll take up the hot-button measure in the spring. More at the Monkey Media Report soon.


Links about the topics on previous shows:

June 25, 2003: Exploring the U.S. failure in Iraq

Why are U.S. soldiers alienating civilians with obnoxious house searches?
"...they came into my house with about 25 troops. They searched during breakfast and scared the children.
They insulted us by putting us [face-down] on the floor in front of our women."

Why are U.S. soldiers firing into residential neighborhoods?
"Residents said the soldiers began shooting indiscriminately, killing three people and wounding at least four.
As the soldiers continued firing, they blasted out shop and car windows for a three-block stretch
on the busy street, witnesses said."

Why are we using soldiers untrained in reconstruction to do reconstruction?
"Before the war, nobody stopped and said, 'Aren't we going to need a bunch of people in the provinces?'"

Why are U.S. military doctors refusing to treat burned Iraqi children?
"I have never seen in almost 14 years of Army experience anything that callous."

What really happened to those 6 British soldiers killed in South Iraq?
"It is difficult to adequately describe the level of resentment which exists in this town towards coalition troops."

Did obnoxious house-to-house weapons searches spark the violence?
"This angered the people, because they went into women's rooms. The people considered it an invasion of privacy."

Why are U.S. soldiers confiscating money and shoving handcuffed Iraqi civilians around?
"They stopped my car, pushed me out, threw me on the ground, tied my hands behind my back
and left me in the intolerable heat for four hours."
(Lots more at Warblogging.com)

And, most importantly:

Why are nervous, over-eager soldiers who kill innocent civilians not held accountable?
"Jesus Christ! There's fucking civilians in that house! Cease fire!"

George Paine at Warblogging sums up the Iraq failure beautifully in this must-read post
"...the Iraqi people have every right to resist the Anglo-American occupation.
They have been invaded and occupied and have a right to resist."


Links about the topics on previous shows

A monkey in a Russian space lab locked in place with metal braces
and wearing a metal cap to cover the electrodes on its head.

June 18, 2003 : Rerun of last week's discussion of the future of downtown Raleigh
( one of the more popular we've done this year)


June 11, 2003: Margaret Mullen & Greg Hatem on visions for downtown Raleigh

It's all covered in this post at the Monkey Media Report


May 2003: I just pointed folks to the Weblog for a few weeks.

May 7, 2003: Open show

Celebrities often win over more fans by speaking out against war

Hilarious pot costumes at London's 5th Annual International Cannabis March

U.S. threatens Canada over its plans to decriminalize marijuana

Surprise: Fish probably feel pain

Why is executive pay in the U.S.A. so absurdly high?

President Bush "blew off his military obligations" in 1972

The real "Saving Private Lynch"


April 30, 2003: Open show

Why U.S. forces firing on Iraqi crowds is bad

The origins of May Day in the United States

Lots of links to polygamy in the Old Testament

Say hello to the Christian, non-Mormon polygamy movement


April 23, 2003: Open show - NC ballot access, grafitti, Joe Biden's rave act and more

Why the "RAVE act" Congress just passed is bad for kids (click the free day pass)

The Green Party and Libertarian Party agree: We need to make NC's election laws more fair

Call your legislators and tell them to support House Bill 867

How to figure out who represents you in the North Carolina legislature

Bush & Company underestimated Iraqi religious groups' organization skills

Great background on Iraqi Shi'ites (see last section for info about non-religious Shi'ites)

Bruce Springsteen's statement about the Dixie Chicks

Why were Iraqi soldiers ordered not to fight the U.S. in Baghdad?

Why the U.S. really invaded Iraq - to set up new, permanent military bases in the Middle East

What G.D. Gearino didn't tell you: Baseball Hall of Fame head apologized to Sarandon and Robbins

Stencil Revolution, with lots more stencil links in this Metafilter post


Nine baboons rescued from closed safari park!

April 9, 2003: Media, Money and NCAA basketball

Louisiana article about Chris Duhon's "Sweet Ride" and his mom's sweet job with a Duke booster

Duke Chronicle report of last week's dorm room pot bust of J.J. Redick

Charlotte sports station's ACC Index Card: Favoritism towards Duke in foul calls?

N&O's Caulton Tudor campaigns heavily for Williams

Statefans.com message boards

InsideCarolina.com's Wednesday UNC basketball links

The A-Z of throwing stuff at players (via Sportsfilter)

(Email your favorite sports commentary sites and I'll post them)


April 2, 2003: Staying sane in a time of war and deliberate ignorance

Hard-hitting Army Times article from Aug 2002: How the military rigged its own Middle East war game

Now check the ridiculous pro-military spin in the New York Times version from 3 days later

Top 100 April Fool's Day hoaxes of all time (thanks, Skip!)

Bush flatly declares there was no evidence of an Iraq/Al Qaida link before the invasion

U.S. diplomat John Brady Kiesling resigned over the Iraq invasion; his letter says it all

I discuss the option of an Iraqi popular rebellion in detail here, here and here

How Serbian dictator Milosevic was brought down nonviolently in 2000 through "massive civil disobedience"

How Bush I sold out the nearly successful 1991 Shiite rebellion

Lots of info about why Bush I and Clinton both sold out rebellions in Iraq to keep Saddam in power:
"...policy-makers’ anger at Saddam never overcame their fear of a power vacuum in the Gulf.
“We recognized that the seemingly attractive goal of getting rid of Saddam would not solve our problems
or even necessarily serve our interests,” former National Security Adviser Gen. Brent Scowcroft [under Bush I]
told Newsweek in 1996. “So we pursued the kind of inelegant, messy alternative that is all too often the only one
available in the real world.”

This report from the Rand think tank clearly lays out James Baker's thinking after Gulf War I:
The key reason for this denial of support was the concern to preserve a unified Iraq as a buffer against Iran.
As former Secretary of State James Baker put it, the United States
"did not assist the insurrections militarily, primarily out of fear of hastening the fragmentation
of Iraq and plunging the region into a new cycle of instability. The Shia were
quite naturally perceived as being aligned with Iran, and the Kurds, who had demanded an
independent state of Kurdistan for decades, were very fragmented in their leadership
and were a constant source of concern to Turkey. For these geopolitical reasons, we were wary
of supporting either group. We believed it was essential that Iraq remain intact, with or
without a more reasonable leadership."

Did you get that last part? Bush I cared more about keeping Iraq intact than about getting rid of one of the world's most brutal dictators, and so ACTIVELY WORKED TO KEEP SADDAM IN POWER after the Gulf War. That's a fact.


[March 26 , 2003: We did another open show on the war - no links were posted
See posts here, here and here, though.]


March 19, 2003: "Support the troops" by agreeing to an unnecessary war? No thanks.

Cursor.org is essential reading every day

New Jersey anti-terrorism head explains "code red" would mean citizens are forced to stay in their homes
and keep quiet: "You literally are staying home, is what happens."

[You'll find many more links by scrolling through the Monkey Media Report]


March 12, 2003: Pushing for a public Raleigh skatepark

Here's the link to movies of Tommy Harward's amazing flatland freestlye skating (they're mpg's)

This one's a good intro (mpg)

More about skating this week at the Monkey Media Report


March 5, 2003: War, war, war, t-shirts and war

If you think the fact that CTV was only off the air between 7:30 and 9:20 that night means anything,
well, the black helicopters are on their way. Do not resist. I also heard the
reruns didn't air;
that was probably due to confusion caused by a death in a CTV staffer's family.]

Here's the link to the article that documents Colin Powell's "embellishment"
to the UN of the taped conversations he claimed to have heard

Monkey Media Report commentary about the above

Colin Powell lied to the world about a supposed "poison factory," too

Wall Street Journal summarizing Iraq's terror history and the weak arguments for a threat (must-read)

USA Today board member attacks the deliberate slanting of CIA analysis (another must-read) [link fixed]

Excellent summary of specific Bush/Powell/Rumsfeld/Cheney lies from a New Zealand paper

BBC on leaked British intelligence report denying Iraq/Al Qaeda connection

Why won't the press say the simple words, "Bush lied"?

Bush and Blair tell British press they have no evidence of Iraq/Al Qaeda link

PR Watch and The Memory Hole are both great for uncovering manipulative spin on Iraq and other issues


February 26, 2003: Jessica Santillan, cracker comedy and overthrowing Saddam, Romania style

'Married By America' official site

Fox50's press release about its decision not to air Temptation Island

European Union calls for gay marriage rights

High-ranking U.S. generals discuss why they're opposed to an Iraq invasion

Broken promises: How the United States failed the Iraqi resistance in 1991

In 1996, Kurds begged for US air strikes against Saddam's tanks in the CIA's bungled coup

Clinton's "backward" Iraq sanctions policy

Map of countries with a majority for and against war

Nice visual of how the UN Security Council feels about invading Iraq

With Weapons of the Will: How to Topple Saddam Hussein Nonviolently

Romania and Iraq: Can popular revolutions work?

Great TV column on Zell Miller's attack on CBS's "cracker comedy"

I wrote about the Jessica Santillan case here, here and here

USA Today article on Pakistan, terrorism and the North Carolina textile industry


February 19, 2003: Footage of the ordinary folks at the Raleigh anti-war protest

Stills from our video footage of the protest, with analysis of media unfairness

More great pics of Raleigh marchers

French Muslims influence government policy on Iraq

Turkey holds out its hand before allowing U.S. troops to start an invasion on its soil

Kurdish leaders - they're the ones we're invading to help, remember - are enraged by
'undemocratic' American plan to occupy Iraq

Cubbies restaurant in Beaufort, NC serves "Freedom Fries" instead of French fries


February 12, 2003 with Rania Masri and Mike Salmon:
Convincing conservatives to come to the anti-war protest Saturday

NCPeaceHub has all the info you need about the rally at the capitol noon Saturday

Cursor and Stand Down are good clearinghouses of information

Must-read Foreign Policy article raises doubts about every Cheney rationale for an invasion
(More about this at the Monkeytime Weblog)

The massive PR blitz that's convincing U.S. citizens they need to invade another country

The Cato Institute, a free-market-capitalist think tank, vehemently opposes war

Conservative Pat Buchanan asks, "Who cares if Saddam gets a nuke?"

CIA boss tells Congress in October that Saddam is a low risk unless he's attacked first


Pregnant lemurs medicate themselves with tannins that stimulate milk production

February 5, 2003 - Invading Iraq is still a morally bankrupt idea:

This is the Baghdad you are about to destroy

The Electronic Intifada reacts to Colin Powell's attempt to justify an invasion

Peace banners hung today on I-40 near the airport

Leo Daughtry's connections to the powerful video poker lobby

Read all about the "Guru of Ganja" case and the jury's apology

Good intro to French and Russian business links to Iraq

Conservative Newsmax.com reports Cheney wasn't truthful about his own Iraq business ties

SUV owners favor war more than non-SUV owners :)

Australian columnist nails the oil question

NCpeacehub.org - check the flyer about the Feb. 15 Raleigh protest

Wow - Ireland bans smoking in pubs

January 29, 2003 - Responding to Bush's state of the union charade:

Cable company rejects anti-war ad during Bush speech

FCC head - Colin Powell's son - doesn't care

Watch the ad at the AntiWar Video Fund site

Cell phones blind drivers with "inattention blindness"

Depleted Uranium, "burning semen" and the Gulf War

U.S. media ignore NATO's use of depleted uranium in the Balkans

New York Times does about-face on Oct. 26 anti-war coverage

How the U.S. is selling out the Kurds to Turkey

Dick Cheney kills a deal that would have supplied poor countries with cheaper AIDS drugs

Europe leaves the U.S. "in the dust" on wind power

More on the U.S.'s underutilization of wind power

Watch the doctor carve his alma mater's initials in a patient's uterus


November 13, 2002 - Yanking the Democrats back to the left

The Party's Over: Why the Democrats Did So Badly (conservative businessmen hijacked the party)

What Cheney really wants: "two largely untapped oil fields in the south of Iraq"

Former Reagan Chief of Staff James Baker's warning about U.S. oil needs and foreign policy

Australian newspaper article about the Baker/Council on Foreign Relations report

Iraqjournal.org, "the only website providing regular independent reporting" from Iraq

Trained Arabic translator discharged from Army for being caught in bed with another male soldier (be sure to read the comment from the soldier, Alastair Gamble, at the bottom of the article)

Here comes the male birth control pill

Amazing collection of links at Metafilter to Internet-based comics (you're bound to like at least one)

Browse the 3,200 artists in the Amsterdam-based Comiclopedia

Ecstasy linked to relief of Parkinson's Disease symptoms

BBC TV report about a stuntman who gets astonishingly immediate Parkinson's relief after taking MDMA


October 30, 2002 - Carolinian editor Cash Michaels:

State Democrats May Lose Black Vote by Cash Michaels in the Wilmington Journal, a black paper

Would Democrats have been better off running Dan Blue, the "anti-Bowles", against Dole?

Smart African-American news/culture site

Excellent, detailed analysis of the Bowles/Dole race by Creative Loafing's Tara Servatius

Young blacks associate less with the Democrats, one poll finds

Equality NC, the statewide l/g/b/t PAC, has posted a voter guide for next Tuesday's election

The Halloween Throwdown at the End of the Universe at Humble Pie this Saturday - only four bucks!

Fascinating interview about comics, free speech and patriotism with Boondocks creator Aaron McGruder

1999 Onion interview with McGruder

Original Undercover Brother Web animation series (Flash required)

Conservative white rappers boost the GOP

I couldn't get the audio tracks here to work; you may have better luck


October 23, 2002 - Live from the N.C. State Fair

Hit the Monkey Media Report here, here and here for thoughts about fair-related topics


October 16, 2002 - Wake County's dishonest, discriminatory Sex Ed curriculum

Wake County School Board members' contact info (Be nice! Tell them you support a more inclusive, more honest "comprehensive sex ed curriculum" and you're tired of fundamentalists' distortions)

Sign up here to speak your mind at the Monday, Oct. 21st public hearing

In July 2001, the Surgeon General reported that "providing information about contraception does not increase adolescent sexual activity" (scroll down to "School Based Programs" in Section V). When fundamentalists freaked at the acknowledgement of the scientific reality, Bush replaced the Surgeon General. (I was mistaken when I said Bush's appointee had admitted this; it was the previous SG - my apologies)

Why First Amendment supporters should oppose abstinence-only sex ed

Last August, NC legislators voted against a study committee to examine whether abstinence-only really works (what are they afraid of learning, I wonder?)


October 9. 2002

Lots of links about Rosa Parks, Claudette Colvin, Barbershop and Jesse Jackson

When did Iraq become more important than America?

Iraq is distracting voters from things like Army Secretary Thomas White's complicity in the Enron scandal

Thomas White's Enron stock sales

Some military officers, intelligence professionals and diplomats say they're being shut up on Iraq

Funny shirts from angry Democrats unafraid to throw barbs at Bush (unlike their leaders in Congress)

Chronology of U.S. broken promises to the Iraqi Kurds

More on the Kurds at the Monkey Media Report

Dick Morris, prominent toe-sucker (not that there's anything wrong with that), on the perils of polling

Morris says the New York Times slanted its recent "Iraq vs. the economy" poll

The Virginia polling company that called me Tuesday night

NC Independent Media Center doesn't wait for mainstream media to cover local anti-war protests

What is "deep house" music? More here.

Fascinating comics from the Small Press Expo anthology:

The man inside Godzilla, the man who invented video Pong, the hidden history of Nancy Drew

Top Shelf Comics, a great company

Great, artsy graphic experiments in The Ganzfeld anthologies

Brian Ralph's poignant and beautiful woodcut-style comics are my favorite (plus, he likes monkeys)

Some U.S. Special Forces are pissed at the aggression of other U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan

High school Satanism club prompts parental outrage


October 2, 2002

Excellent introduction to the issue of corporate personhood

Text of the 1886 decision granting corporations "person" status (read the intro, at least)

Great set of links to help understand the corporate personhood issue

Nigerian women beat ChevronTexaco and Shell by threatening to remove their clothes

Secrecy at the WTO - why don't Republicans attack this like they attack the UN?

Read Roger Ebert's review of Salton Sea, a great movie with Val Kilmer

NJ Governor wants Amira Baraka to resign as poet laureate

Read Baraka's poem for yourself

Why the "4,000 Jews" 9/11 thing is stupid

Why the idea that Israeli intelligence may not have shared everything they knew is not stupid

Learn more about Amira Baraka


September 25, 2002

Humans and chimps are "only" 95% genetically similar instead of 98.5%

Should You Stop a Verbally Abusive Mom in the Grocery Store?

Intervening on Behalf of a Child in a Public Place: Part 1: Is It Our Business?

Intervening on Behalf of a Child in a Public Place: Part 2: What Can We Do?

Ten countries that have banned corporal punishment of children

Miss America pageant's ratings plunge again

The first Miss America pageant from PBS' excellent history of Miss America site

Al Gore, "Warmonger Lite"

Top 10 Reasons Not to 'Do' Iraq, from the free market capitalist Cato Institute think tank

Yet another conservative against invading Iraq: Texas Representative Dick Armey

An anonymous Gulf War vet explains why he's opposed to an attack

JB recommends taking a moment to remember the victims of September 16, 1982

BBC report on the 1982 Shabra and Shatila massacres, "a three-day orgy of rape and slaughter that left hundreds, possibly thousands, of innocent civilians dead"


Excellent Israel/Palestine links:

We all know that one arrow driving the cycle of violence in the Middle East is the horrific, evil tactic of suicide bombings against civilians by Palestinian terrorists. Now, check the other arrow that drives the cycle: Israel's aggressive policy of taking Palestinian land by encouraging settlers to move into the Occupied Territories through lower taxes and other economic incentives. The Foundation for Middle East Peace regularly provides thorough, balanced reports on settlement activity, including violent acts from both sides. Here's their July-August 2002 report.

Be sure to read the single most balanced and detailed article I've ever seen about the Israeli/Palestinian situation, from the courageous journalist Robert I. Friedman, the best investigative reporter you've never heard of.


Links to help sort through September 11th conspiracy theories:

UnansweredQuestions.org's top 11 questions and talking points

Flight93crash.com - What really happened on that flight?


Five wide-ranging Web sites for smart, wide-ranging monkeys:

Metafilter, Cursor, BoingBoing, Plastic, Yahoo! Full Coverage

(great collections of links that'll keep you busy for months)


I don't even want to think about the idea of monkey bombs.


Lots more to come, so feel free to check back before next week, monkeys.

(Take me back to the Monkey Media Report, please.)